Burry Port Lifeboat's

At Burry Port RNLI we currently operate two Lifeboats, an Atlantic 85 The Misses Barrie which is latest part of RNLI’s B-class fleet and the smaller D-class boat Diane Hilary.

The Atlantic 85 was kindly donated to us by The Misses Barrie Trust and is the latest addition to Burry Port Station.

Our D class vessel the Diane Hillary was kindly donated by David Cole. Mr Cole and his family are regular visitors to us throughout the year even though he and his family live such a distance away.


D-class ‘Diane Hilary’ D-749
2011 - Present


The D-Class also known as IB1 has been at our station since it re-opened in 1973. Introduced to the RNLI in 1963 this class of Lifeboat has continued  to evolve for nearly 50 years.

It has been the work horse of the RNLI's fleet and is renowned for it's manoeuvrability, ability to work in confined spaces, shallow waters and surf this class of vessel will go places that other bigger Lifeboats are unable to reach.

Launch type: Trolley or davit. (Trolley at our station)
Crew: 2-3
Length: 5m
Beam/width: 2m
Draught/depth: 1.4m
Displacement/load: 400kg
Max speed: 25 knots
Fuel Capacity: 68litres
Range/endurance: 3 hours at maximum speed
Construction: Hypalon-coasted polyester
Engines: 1 x Mariner at 40 or 50 hp
Survivor capacity: 5


B-915 'The Misses Barrie'

2019 - Present

Atlantic 85

The Atlantic range named after Atlantic College in Wales where these rigid inflatable lifeboats (RIBs) were first developed. The B class lifeboat is ideal for rescues close to shore, near cliffs and rocks – areas inaccessible to our all-weather lifeboats.
The Atlantic 85 is also capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to her engines.

Most B class lifeboats are launched into the sea from a carriage, with the help of a launch and recovery vehicle such as a tractor. They can also be lowered into the sea using a davit system (a shore-mounted crane) and some are kept in floating boathouses.

Launch type: Carriage, davit or floating boathouse

Crew: 3-4

Survivor capacity: 20

Maximum speed: 35 knots

Range / endurance: 3 hours maximum

Length: 8.44 m

Beam / width: Atla 2.85m

Draught / depth 0.53m

Engines: 2 x Yamaha 4-stroke engines at 115hp each