Lifeboat Management Group LMG

Trevor Griffiths
Chairman - Lifeboat Management Group

Roger Bowen
Lifeboat Operations Manager


Alyson Griffiths

Lifeboat Treasurer
Fundraising Treasurer

Paul Willis
Minutes Secretary

Alan Wells
Press Officer & DLA

Len Cross
Community Advisor

Rob Davies
Fundraising Chairman


Patrick Rees

Community Safety Officer


Ian Francis

Lifeboat Visits Officer & DLA


Susan Peek

Shop Representative

The Lifeboat Management Group The lifeboat management structure comprises an umbrella management group, the Lifeboat Management Group (LMG), and a number of specialist teams advising and supporting the LMG.

The prime function of the LMG is to co-ordinate all RNLI activities in the locality in order to maintain a sound link between the lifeboat station and the local community, including the media.

Through its members the LMG will also be able to provide support and counsel to the various RNLI specialist teams directly responsible for the efficient running of all aspects of the RNLI's activities in the local area.

The LMG will be headed up by a Chairman, appointed for a three year term by Headquarters, based on a joint recommendation by the Divisional Inspector and the Regional Manager, following local discussions.

The following honorary officials will need to be members of the LMG:-

  • Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM)
  • Lifeboat Treasurer (LT)
  • Lifeboat Administration Officer (LAO)
  • Lifeboat Press Officer (LPO)
  • Chairman of the Fundraising Team

At Burry Port RNLI we have additional support for the LMG:-

  • Station Engagement Manager
  • LMG Advisor
  • Retired Crew Member Advisor