2009 Service Calls

IncidentPeople Saved
January 1stPeople and dog stranded on Llanelli beach2+dog
April 10thPeople cut off by tide2
April 11thPower boat “Lizzie Lou”3+craft recovered
April 12thPower boat “Pip’s Pride”assisted
May 24thPeople cut off by tide4
May 24thPerson in the sea1
May 31stPower boat2 + craft
July 3rdPower boat “Ryan J”3 + craft
July 19thPower boatEscorted
July 19thFishing vessel2 + craft
August 1stPower boat2 + craft
August 5thPower boat2+ craft
August 8thPower boat “Okra”recovered
September 10thPower boat2 + craft
September 10thPower boat “Driver 440”5 + craft
September 18thPower boat “Dolly Two”2 + craft
September 20thPower boat “Jacqueline Ann”Recovered
September 23rdPower boatAssisted
October 13thFlare sighted over estuaryNothing found